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Discover the 63 National Parks

Join the Sterling Family, as they travel to all 63 National Parks in the U.S. and discover the history, science, and nature of our great nation. Theo & Titus Sterling discover mysterious spectacles and are given the task of saving the National Parks. Your whole family will enjoy this fun & quirky fiction series while you all learn together. 

Age Range: We've designed this series to be an excellent read aloud for the whole family. Kids ages 12 and under will enjoy it most (although we've heard from teens who loved listening in too!). The books are early chapter books and are good for reading independently for grades 2-3 and above.

To homeshool families: We are a very Charlotte Mason family here. We didn't want to produce twaddle. We wanted a series that would enrich and challenge your kids. So you'll notice more advanced vocabulary and nature concepts - this is on purpose! We want these books to be a jumping off point for further research and education, all done in a fun and exciting way! 😍

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Book #1: Adventure in Yosemite National Park

Theo and Titus Sterling are traveling around the United States and exploring the National Parks with their family. Everything is going well until a mysterious man finds them in Yosemite and sets them on a strange quest to save the National Parks. Traveling through forests, valleys, and even time itself, the Sterling twins are on an adventure to explore nature, experience history, and solve a mystery or two. 

Releasing August 16, 2021.

Book #2: Mayhem in Mt. Rainier National Park

Theo and Titus Sterling were given a quest to save the National Parks by a nameless stranger shrouded in mystery. Now, as they are exploring Mt. Rainier National Park, will they encounter the stranger again? With the aid of their curious spectacles, the Sterling twins must escape a protective mama bear, survive an erupting volcano, and follow the clues to find the next piece of the puzzle. 

Releasing August 16, 2021.

Books #1 & #2 are launching August 16th!  

The physical books will be available in preorder for one week only (August 16-23) and we will also have the audiobook and eBook available to download immediately on the 16th! 

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